My Problem With Ubiquti isn’t their gear..

A few weeks ago @Wirednot lobbed a question to the internet with the familiar #WIFIQ tag:#WIFIQ 3/27/17 From what you know of or about Ubiquiti, will they ever become a legit contender in Enterprise WLAN? Pros/Cons? @ubnt— Lee Badman (@wirednot) March 27, 2017// started off a pretty good conversation, that ended up with me receiving... Continue Reading →

Explosion Proof Wi-Fi for Hazardous Locations

One of the more interesting projects that I have been working on throughout the last 2 years has been providing Wi-Fi in hazardous locations. We’re talking explosion proof Wi-Fi.Yeah, it's a little scary. Seeing me in coveralls that is.While trying to blend into trees and hide underneath ceiling panels conceals your equipment from viewing, Class... Continue Reading →

What is Your Wireless Engineering Worth?

I had something interesting happen to me this week. A project I have been working for the last 4 months took an interesting turn.Our area is experiencing phenomenal growth; new stores, new houses, new entertainment facilities, etc. Through that, the requirement to provide technology that is easily accessible, works well, and serves as a benefit... Continue Reading →

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