Explosion Proof Wi-Fi for Hazardous Locations

One of the more interesting projects that I have been working on throughout the last 2 years has been providing Wi-Fi in hazardous locations. We’re talking explosion proof Wi-Fi.Yeah, it's a little scary. Seeing me in coveralls that is.While trying to blend into trees and hide underneath ceiling panels conceals your equipment from viewing, Class... Continue Reading →

What is Your Wireless Engineering Worth?

I had something interesting happen to me this week. A project I have been working for the last 4 months took an interesting turn.Our area is experiencing phenomenal growth; new stores, new houses, new entertainment facilities, etc. Through that, the requirement to provide technology that is easily accessible, works well, and serves as a benefit... Continue Reading →

Wireless Field Day 8. I’m in!

I got a really great email yesterday from a man named Stevphn Foskett. It was to let me know that I had been selected as a delegate for an event called Wireless Field Day.I stood quietly up from my chair at a restaurant and proceeded to do a little dance right beside the table. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Sensors and Beacons and APs, oh my!

Today at the 2015 Aruba Atmosphere conference in Las Vegas, one of the things that got the most attention from the online audience was the inclusion of a sensor product that is supposed to be out in the second half of 2015. Few things got the amount of ooh's and ahhh's, at least for those... Continue Reading →

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