HPE Discover 2018 as Seen From the Edge

As a wireless networking professional all of this talk about the edge relates directly to what my day-to-day business is. More than just a theme for HPE Discover 2018, the edge is where everyone is trying to bulk up their presence. Whether it’s computing, memory, processing power, or data collection, the edge continues to be... Continue Reading →

My Problem With Ubiquti isn’t their gear..

A few weeks ago @Wirednot lobbed a question to the internet with the familiar #WIFIQ tag:#WIFIQ 3/27/17 From what you know of or about Ubiquiti, will they ever become a legit contender in Enterprise WLAN? Pros/Cons? @ubnt— Lee Badman (@wirednot) March 27, 2017//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsIt started off a pretty good conversation, that ended up with me receiving... Continue Reading →

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