Time to get ready for Cisco Live 2018

*including some spoilers*

Last year was the first opportunity that I had to go visit the Cisco Live! conference in Las Vegas. If you read my previous write-up, you would know that I had an amazing time.

If you haven’t registered for this year, there’s still time!
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One of the things that I enjoyed about Cisco Live! is that it gives you the opportunity to see the entire partner network, in full force, presenting solutions and showing off how you can incorporate their products into your network.

If you know me, I am not a Cisco fan boy per se, however I am definitely a fan of the show. There are very events few like it that present a World of Solutions so tightly knit together by the vendor and presented in a way that makes simple sense. I enjoyed the different scenarios that the teams at Cisco laid out upon immediate entry onto the show floor. The World of Solutions area allows you to see how to solve real-world problems that you currently have, haven’t thought about yet, or aren’t even beginning to think about. By demonstrating the capabilities of the Cisco equipment along side complementing partner products and software, it gives you a great feel of what can be done, not just with Cisco infrastructure, but by the power of networking.

The Keynotes

In years past the celebrity keynotes have brought tremendous amount of applause and surprise to everyone who gets the opportunity to attend. Last year, Bryan Cranston, Walter White from Breaking Bad, showed up and gave a tremendous interview filled with laughter, excerpts from his book, and stories about life. This year, I can’t wait to see who’s on deck to follow him up!

The Customer Appreciation Event

One of the other things that makes Cisco Live! a great go to event, depending on who you ask, is the Customer Appreciation Event. This is where they thank you for being a part of the event and showing your support for Cisco. This past year (2017), Bruno Mars treated us to an exclusive concert that capped off the Cisco Live! experience with the party like none other! This year in Orlando we are excited to see who will be headlining!

The Social Impact Mission at Cisco Live!

Last year everyone was challenged to take steps (over 2 million of em!) to generate energy. This year we build Pi-Tops!

Cisco Live Orlando, attendees will have the opportunity to build modular laptops powered by the Raspberry Pi in our Social Impact Zone. At the end of the week, the pi-tops will be donated to local NetAcad students in Florida providing a transformative learning experience & empowering students to become collaborative, critical and creative thinkers.

Here’s the Scoop on the 2018 event…

All that being said, I’ve got a few secrets to tell you! I have been given access to a great box.com account that has some fun details about Cisco live 2018.

The 2018 Customer Appreciation Event

First off the customer appreciation event is the largest party Cisco has ever thrown! They have reserved the entire Universal Studios Florida theme park just for Cisco live attendees!

In addition to food, drinks, and unlimited rides, a “festival style” lineup of artists will be announced at the end of March! You get to spend the evening enjoying all that Universal Studios has to offer on top of the great time you’re sure to have at Cisco Live! We know it’s not all about the party, but this sure does make it fun!

The Guest Speakers

Two guest speakers already confirmed are:

Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical physicist and futurist who sees us colonizing Mars and fusing with Robots!

Amy Webb, Futurist, author and founder of the Future Today Institute. Her TED Talk How I Hacked Online Dating sites high on 6.6 million views about using data to game her lovelife.

Make sure to stay tuned to my blog and Twitter account @wirelessnerd to learn more as soon as it’s announced! I look forward to seeing everyone there at Cisco Live in Orlando Florida to have an amazing time and Imagine Intuitive!

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