Time to get ready for Cisco Live 2018

*including some spoilers* Last year was the first opportunity that I had to go visit the Cisco Live! conference in Las Vegas. If you read my previous write-up, you would know that I had an amazing time. If you haven’t registered for this year, there’s still time!Register Here! One of the things that I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Getting to know Cisco Live, an Outsiders View.

An eye-opening view from a first timing, non-Cisco partner. Image Credit: Scott McDermott. Used under Creative Commons 2.0Let me be clear up-front:I’m not a Cisco partner. I wasn’t invited or paid to be at the event by Cisco. I don’t sell Cisco products, in fact I’m pretty well versed in how to sell against many Cisco... Continue Reading →

Launching the Wi-Fi Stand and wifistand.com

Having been involved in the tech industry for my entire career, with a stint of going full time in the entertainment industry, I have a huge appreciation for simple products that create solutions for common problems. I recently saw such a unicorn in the form of a bracket to suspend and place wireless access points... Continue Reading →

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