Talking South Texas Broadband with the RGV Broadband Coalition and the Texas Broadband Development Office What a great day for South Texas! The #Texas #Broadband Development Office and Connected Nation, Inc. Connect Texas held a South Texas Regional Meeting for the #RGV Broadband Coalition! Manuel Cruz hosted a great session with Cindy Fisher, Michelle Currier, and about 100 folks, including elected officials, service providers, schools, libraries and community members,... Continue Reading →

The Digital Future in South Texas

I had the opportunity to sit down with Josh Moroles on his podcast “The Sesh”. We had a pretty wide-ranging discussion, talking about the future of digital connectivity and how it applies to South Texas. In the last decade, so many things have appeared to help bridge our digital divide, but is it really working?... Continue Reading →

WLPC 2023 Phoenix: Almost-live blog

It’s February 2023 in Phoenix, and that can only mean one thing: the Waste Management Open. Oh no, wait, Super Bowl LVII. Oh yeah, but it also means a gathering of the top wireless professionals in the industry from around the globe have converged on the Hilton Peak resort for five days of intensive boot... Continue Reading →

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