Offering Wi-Fi and Bundled Event Services for Fundraisers, Community Events, and Galas

About 3 years ago we starting providing event services to our local community groups. The idea stemmed from the amount of temporary and event Wi-Fi we were doing. People in our local Non-Profit world wanted WiFi at their events and we had equipment that could provide it. It was a great way to help. However, when we would get on-site we would notice that no mattter how much tech and Wi-Fi we would setup, they were still using paper, chalkboards and bid paddles to carry out the heavy lifting of their event services. We knew there had to be a better way.

Here’s a video talking about what we do:

Partnering with One Cause

We partnered with BidPal, now One Cause, to provide the software and services for registration, check-in, mobile bidding, and auction control. Since we were already providing the wireless connectivity at the event, we knew that the mobile bidding and auction software would be able to work flawlessly for the event.

Helping Organizations DOUBLE Their Contributions

This recipe has worked exceptionally well for the groups that have used our services so far. Normally a 20–30% immediate increase is contributions is seen when using electronic software, but by providing a turn-key and comprehensive solution, we have seen some of our customers DOUBLE what they did the previous years! Now, we obviously can’t take all the credit for that, but we do know that we are proud to be a part of helping our community!

Getting ready to open registration outside of an historic museum!

How We Help From Day 1

From the time we are contracted, we assist with getting the back-end software up and running. We train our customers on how to use the software and get going as soon as they can. Usually there are some easy questions that need to be answered, but there are also some things that require experience with software and the way events run. With each event we work, we learn new ways to help our customer become more efficient, innovative, and agile to help them raise more money. Whether it’s recommending the process for item pick-up, offering ideas on how to process registration, or showing ways to maximize the use of software, our experience comes in handy with every event we work.

Once the event date is around the corner, we kick into high gear: we perform a wireless site survey and network assessment, then we plan out the best way to offer access and coverage at the event. We train the volunteers, we help with last minute spot checks of the bidding software, and we are good to go! We set up shop and get ready to provide the best service we can over the course of the next few days.

Bidding and Event Software Setup

Bidding software can be a huge undertaking for an event that is not used to it. Even transitioning from one platform to another can be difficult. What we have learned is that having a background in tech and understanding the way that data is processed can be a huge asset to this. We leverage the fact that we are tech professionals, not full-time event professionals, and we we approach this as learning and teaching a new platform. With a strong background in event services (I’ve been a concert & entertainment event producer/promoter since the age of 15) we can help identify where we fit in to an event, and where we need to get out of the way. Recognizing this helps us draw the line between what we are providing and what the customer is providing. In short, we handle the tech and we leave it to our customers to “work the room” talking to sponsors, supporters, and their event attendees. We feel like the method that works best is to let the staff do their thing without having to worry about the software, back-end, registration, and operations.

Using an Aruba Networks IAP setup with our WiFiStand!

Wireless & Network Technology Setup

For the wireless deployment we are usually in situation where there is not enough wireless coverage for mobile devices and this is where our wifi solution can come in real handy. If there is unstable connectivity, no one will bid, If no one bids, no money is raised. If no money is raised, it’s bad news. By providing a solution that features robust and capacity-planned Wi-Fi along with a Ethernet to mobile failover (with support for multiple carriers) we ensure that connectivity is never an issue. It is our goal to help our customers be the best that they can be, and we have the skills and experience to solve their connectivity issues, while also offering the best in class customer service for their mobile bidding, auction services, and event services.

We get to see some great stuff at these events: Mario Lopez encouraging kids and thanking them for their participation in the Youth of the Year program with one of our WiFiStands and an Aruba AP in the background!

Providing Data to Drive Successful Future Events

At the conclusion of the event, we provide overall breakdowns on usage, funds raised, and all other aspects of reporting. We make sure that we provide as much data about the event as we can to the customer so that they can use it to empower them the following year. Which items were viewed most? Which items were bid on most? How much money was raised per category? What was the adoption rate and usage of technology like? We try and answer everything we can, and then we get ready for the next event.

Supporting Our Local Community

One of the things that sets us apart in offering these services is that we always offer them with some type of discount. We thrive on supporting our local community and we want to make sure they are aware of that. We offer solutions at price points lower than industry average and we ask for sponsorship listings in return. We like to give back and we are proud to stamp our name on every event we work with. We view each opportunity as a true partnership. By offering the tech and software at a discount and enabling your community partners to make more money, we see it as a win on both fronts.

Many times people in the tech community don’t know how to give back other than donating equipment, building web pages, or sponsoring something, With our Frontera Event Services, we figured out how to give back by doing what we do best: taking technology out of the way and being the best at what we do, so that our customers don’t have to worry about things and they can be the best at what they do.

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