Meraki MR70 Outdoor Mounting Info

I thought I would take a second to post and share this. I’m looking at some Meraki MR 70 units, which is their outdoor version of the popular MR 33 access point. It seems like a pretty cool fit for a low-cost, outdoor Wi-Fi deployment. After opening the box, I realized there were only a handful of ways to mount this to the external part of a building, so I figured I’d share.

The bracket itself is made out of some type of molded plastic, whole it doesn’t look too durable, it’s definitely pretty cool. I totally would’ve expected a metal or aluminum version, but plastic will definitely not rust. The screw holes that are used to attach it to the building don’t look like you could put much force on em anyway because of the size of the head of the screw, so plastic seems to be a good fit. Simple enough!

It has two slots and a rounded cavity on back so that you can marry it up against some type of pole and use zip ties or a really thin hose clamp to attach it to the pole. Please note, it doesn’t ship with any of that. Glad to see it set for a pipe mount though!

I was trying to see if it would fit up against a simple double gang box which seems to be pretty standard with mounting security cameras. Hoping it would, I wanted to measure the mount bracket to see if it would.

Spoiler, it doesn’t. For now, you’re stuck with a proprietary bracket that Meraki provides unless you can find something that fits the spacing of the screw holes.

The screw holes are mounted 2 1/2 inches (65mm) apart from each other both vertically and horizontally.

A double gang box screw mount’s are 1.81” (46mm) apart.

Looks like I’ll be cranking up one of the machines at the WiFiStand factory to solve a couple of problems. Please let me know if you find anything in the future that this fits on!

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