What’s to Discover at HPE Discover 2019?

Each yeah I take the journey out to HPE Discover in Las Vegas. It’s the annual HPE event that brings together all of the products, services, advancements and innovations in the HPE world under one roof. From servers that sit on the space station to the latest Aruba wireless for Wi-Fi and IoT, Discover does an incredible job of showing how all of these technologies work together to drive the goals set out by HPE to help move, shape and sometimes shift the marketplace.

What’s going on in 2019?

Well it’s not entirely clear yet, and to me that’s exciting. There’s been some great dialogue about edge computing, IoT and always available connectivity. Antonio Neri, CEO of HPE has even teased a few things here and there. “And now, we’re about to formally unveil one of our biggest transformative pivots ever, which will offer our customers and partners more choice, flexibility and scalability than ever across all industries and geographies” he wrote in a recent blog post. Sounds exciting!!

The Edge Stays front and center

Enterprises who are able to instantly extract outcomes from all their data will be unstoppable” Neri stated. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s what was talked about last year: Processing huge chunks of data effectively and efficiently while having a mechanism to pump that up to the megalithic processing power of the cloud using almost instant data transfer from the latest technology. And that was last year. What’s in store for us this year? In the paraphrased words of Agustus Galoob, “I want more, I want more, I want more, I want more..”

But then there’s all the other stuff too..

Servers, storage, innovations from HPELabs, hyperconverged architecture, and ways to streamline a business while ushering in new technologies.

Last year there was a huge emphasis on “the edge” and I think this year it will be more of that. I hope to see discussion about the way data moves from the edge to the data center using 5G and IoT. Obviously, I’m more interested in that delivery/connectivity component, but I do love to see how it all fits together.

HPE Labs & Sidebar Discussions

One of my favorite things to do at Discover is stop by HPE Labs to see what they are working on to get a glimpse into the future. HPE Labs has always been one of the most innovative and creative spaces in the industry and it seems they always have something small sitting on a table, without any fanfare, that is either revolutionary in its potential or a piece of something amazing that will soon be available. Can’t wait to see what they have.

Throughout the week one of the things that makes this show extremely fun is the side conversations that are had from the people that are here. The meeting of the minds at this event is unique in the sense that there are a lot of “big picture” thinkers that are looking at entire data environments versus specific technologies.

There are some neat technologies coming…

For example, I’ve only been on-site a few hours and have already had discussions about the future of immersive content, how to convert multiple YouTube videos to extract binaural sound and the amount of data storage needed for an AI algorithm to process lip-reading from 360 degree videos so you can extract audio from the specific conversation you are looking at in VR instead of hearing the whole room.

Time to Discover

Over the next few days I will be posting things I find interesting on my social media accounts and offering some input or insight here on the blog. If you have any questions come along more detail about something or like me to ask about anything in particular, please feel free to use me as a resource at this event. I look forward to seeing what HPE has to offer in 2019 and what their vision of the future looks like!

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