Don’t Do Dumb Stuff. My advice to High Schoolers at the 1st South Texas Idea Fest!

When I was asked to give a talk at the first South Texas Idea Fest, I had no idea what I was going to talk about. Technology, how to build a business, how to produce events, ways to give back to the community .. I had no clue. When it was all said and done, I wanted to tell the group of enthusiastic high schoolers what no one ever told me .. at least not anyone other than my parents.

Don’t Do Dumb Stuff.

So, I put together a talk about how to find yourself, find your passions, and change the world. I tried to sprinkle some truth in there and a little bit of humor, and I think it came out OK.
 Give it a view if you’re interested! Thanks for watching!

Watch all of the videos from STXi on YouTube Here

About the South Texas Ideas Festival

The South Texas Ideas Festival, or STXi, will cultivate active young citizens. Serving as an exposé about the life and resources of the Rio Grande Valley, STXi will be a platform for an audience of young adults to engage in a Culture-Community-Identity dialogue.

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