Radwin Point to Multipoint for a Courthouse in the Eagle Ford Shale

I’ve been making these little videos on-site at some of my projects. Here’s the latest!

 We installed a Radwin MP 5000 point to multipoint system on top of the historic LaSalle County Courthouse in Cotulla Texas.  They needed a way to connect into buildings that were being used as county annex buildings  because they are running out of space at the courthouse.  After learning about the features and benefits of the Radwin line, they made the decision to implement the solution to take care of their immediate need as well as a number of future needs that they will have for the system.

I mention the fact that it’s a historical building about 10 times, because obviously I’m excited about it. Also because as a historical building, this install created a number of unique situations where we were unable to affix anything to the façade, have any exposed cabling, or make any penetrations.   It was a very unique installation, and I’ve got each of subscriber unit with 40 mbps allocated to it!

Here’s a fun video from the rooftop!

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