The Holy Grail for WISPs? What could it be?

This was just posted to the WISPA general list. I only copypasta’d here because I think it’s awesome to build up campaigns like this. I just hope that whatever it is, it lives up to the hype, and delivers.  What do you think you could be?

For WISPs, is the “Holy Grail” coming soon?

What if there was a technology you could use that…

– Could realistically generate $35,000/mo or more in revenue from a single tower site, leaving your controller with a perpetual goofy grin?
– Was able to connect in the real world over 350 subscribers per tower with a service package of 20 Mbps DL/5 Mbps UL without overtaxing the system and do it with just 3 sectors?
– Not only can reasonably connect well over 100 subscribers per sector, but we can prove it by logging into a system running live with hundreds of sector examples and tens of thousands of live subscribers, and can show you utilization across all time on any one to prove it?
– Allowed you maybe even double the above over time without another climb or a dime more?
– Enabled provable NLOS service in scale – even in 3.65 GHz – far better in range, capacity and stability than anything you’ve ever seen in 900 MHz?
– Included on every SM a built-in SIP client and POTS jacks?
– Featured SMs that had an optional built-in Wi-Fi AP fully manageable over the network to make your service more sticky?
– Had base stations that will eventually be able to configure and optimize themselves in real time without human intervention? Climb, mount, turn on, climb down.
– Also had SM options with dual N type connectors?
– Could manage the interference environment in even just 50 MHz so well we could show you a place with over 300 base stations across 600 square miles and over 20,000 connections, all operating as engineered?
– Permits your technicians to sleep soundly at night, …and your competitors to have nightmares?

What would something like that be worth to your business?

It is coming, and soon. Do you want to know more? Send us a mail and we’ll keep you in the loop offlist.

…oh, and let us know if you think we are just spinning fairy tales. We respect and love skeptics. We expect they’ll be among our best new customers.


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