Installing Ruckus FlexMaster on HyperV running CentOS 7

I’m only posting this because it has been my journey for the last 2 days, and I want to share the secret sauce that worked for me. PS, in the release notes FlexMaster is only supposed to run on RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 6.3 or 6.5, so take that as a warning that while this install works, it is not recommended or supported by Ruckus .. I’m just doing it because I like to be difficult. 🙂

  1. Create a New Virtual Machine
  2. Name it what you will
  3. Make sure to give it plenty of memory
  4. Choose the right NIC (Important: if you are using CentOS 6.3 or 6.5 you have to use the Legacy Adapter Option after setup of the VM completes or else CentOS won’t see your card)
  5. Plenty of space for storage
  6. Choose the right image
  7. Hit the Finish Button
  8. Connect to your new VM and start that bad boy up.
  9. Choose Install from the menu.
  10. Now you have the “Installation Summary” page. Under “Software Selection”, you’re gonna want to choose a couple of add-ons that are needed by the FlexMaster install.

  11. I used the “Basic Web Server” config and added-on: PHP Support, Perl for Web, Compatibility Libraries and Development Tools
Once you’re done with that first part, the install starts and your VM comes up. Login with root. Here’s what I did that worked:
  1. Make sure you have the latest ISO of the FlexMaster software on-hand, and downloaded from the Ruckus Support website.
  2. Fire up an FTP server on a machine, the HyperV server, or somewhere on the local network. Then, use wget to transfer the file:
  3. # wget ftp://IPADDRESS/FM_Software.iso
  4. create a mount space using:
  5. # mkdir /mnt/flexmasterinstall
  6. Mount the iso of the flexmaster software to that location:
  7. # mount -o loop /FM_Software.iso /mnt/flexmasterinstall
  8. This part was pretty important: copy the files from the iso to a directory on the machine:
    # cp -r /mnt/flexmasterinstall /opt/flexmasterinstall
  9. Once that’s done:
  10. # umount /mnt/flexmasterinstall
    # rmdir /mnt/flexmasterinstall
  11. From here, get into the dirctory and run the install command:
    # cd /opt/flexmasterinstall
    # ./
  12. Let that thing go and answer the questions.
  13. Once it’s done, don’t forget to do this: open up that firewall!
  14. Here’s how to open the firewall for http and https (kinda important to do https considering ZoneDirectors require an HTTPS option to communicate with FlexMaster).. and don’t forget to restart.
    # firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http
    # firewall-cmd --permanant --add-service=https

    # systemctl restart firewalld
That’s it! Go to the IP address of the server and you should be good to go!
Please note, this might have some errors, cus I’m on 2 monsters and some Limonata Sanpellegrino.

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