Using 360 Video for AR in VR!

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drew lentz the wireless nerd and today I want to show you something I’m working on behind me you see the Meraki MV 32 camera now this is the fisheye lens camera and then sitting on top of this tripod using our camera stand adapter the thing was custom built specifically for this camera and what this does is gives me the chance to pop up a camera connect it to the Internet using this mobile kit in this mobile router with a battery pack on it which would give me about six hours runtime four to six hours of runtime on that camera and using this kit I can put it anywhere in the United States stand it up and take the video from there and pipe it into virtual reality now once I put on my goggles I’m using the oculus quest here I can use some software made by our friends and spaces be our spaces go to space is calm and I can take this video I can pipe it into virtual reality and that way it gives me the ability not just to be inside the environment but markup the environment while I’m in there check it out okay so here I am inside virtual reality now I’m actually looking at myself in the room in the room so this is kind of interesting so you see is that my vantage point is from the camera so I’m up you know six feet above the ground or whatever but what’s pretty cool about this is this gives me the ability to look around and see what’s going on now I can look to left I can look up I can look down if I want to move around I can move around the room I can get closer to the bookshelf I can go over to the other side of room to my little DJ station over here but basically it gives me the ability to move anywhere in the room that I need to be and while I’m in here I can see that there’s different things now you can see that there’s a place where you could put an AP maybe you run a cable you can see I have cables running across the floor here but the way that you do it is there’s this really cool little ball and this ball shows me the entire world are just right here in front of me so I’m gonna take my little pins and pencils over here and I’m gonna start to mark up this ball and let’s say I want to take an access point I’ll use the color red and let’s say I want to stick an access point just up here in this corner right there um I’m really not good at drawing not not in real life or in virtual reality so let’s say I want to stick an access point there can do that now if I look up I can see that’s up on the ceiling so just where it is right here on the ball it’s right up there in the ceiling if I turn this around it doesn’t move and I can look and say okay I want to do a cable route so I’m going to go over here and look and see where I need to run the cable I can go back over here to my ball and I can grab that let’s see here back up a little bit there and I can say alright I’m gonna grab my blue marker and I’m gonna draw that cable route so let’s say I’m gonna run it down along here and then I’m gonna cut it around this way I don’t see and then I’m gonna come straight down here back into my computer now you can see that the cable route is actually drawn right here in the virtual world now I can look at this here I can see this on the ball and this is all being fed through the camera you can actually see my computer over there so you can see what I’m recording as I’m recording it you can watch me draw and move around my room if that’s really what you want to do since this is all happening in semi real-time kind of interesting the cable that you see coming down off my head that’s the oculus link cable I’m using the oculus quest headset so it’s about a you know $400 headset using the oculus link cable connected to my PC I’d say that my office needs to be cleaner but actually if you go over there these are all cameras that I’ve been testing out before we got the Meraki camera working but what you’ll see here is the ability to really work around this environment and I can take this with me as I move around the room so I can see a different perspective you can see my markers are now over there in the corner so if I don’t like where I put this I can grab my my brush and my eraser I can go back over here I can get my ball I can put it in front of me and I can erase any of that stuff that’s on the ceiling and now you can see go back over here you can see that it’s erase not only on my little ball but it’s erased in the Augmented environment as well so again this is augmented reality inside virtual reality and that’s what I wanted to show off so all in all I think it’s a pretty cool solution without the MD 32 behind me it wouldn’t be possible I really did go through a number of different cameras if you look over here I’ve got all kinds of cameras that we were messing with trying to get this to work but at the end of the day the Meraki was the one that really helped us out so we won’t have been able to do this without the Meraki MV 32 behind me we’ve got the camera stand mount attached to the kit behind us I think it’s pretty cool solution thanks for listening if you have any comments or questions anything hit me up at wireless nerd see you later thanks


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