The Theory of Swagativity

Why Drafting Shaun Bender at Tradeshows sends you home with a smile on your face and a 58lbs suitcase

After reviewing Mr. Badman’s recent article regarding minimum distance requirements for Benderaction, I’m wondering if he has been briefed on the Theory of Relational Swagitivity in which a gravitational force, in this case Mr. Shaun Bender, actually attracts freebies and swag from tradeshow booths with nary having to step near them.

Call it black magic, voodoo, or some form of technological witchcraft, but I have seen this force of nature in action on trade show floors across the greater Las Vegas area; A place that seems to be a naturally occurring Petri dish teeming with free stuff and sales pitches.

Unfortunately, anyone attending WLPC will not be privy to this as WLPC exists only in a vacuum where freebies, handouts, sales fluff, and vendor pitches are replaced with actual content, technical data, real world information, and sessions that allow you to walk away dare I say smarter and with a lighter checked in bag.

Either way, maybe that same swirling black hole of swag that exists around Mr. Bender‘s person creates a bullshit-force-field that is impenetrable and actually acts as a repellent against the likes of Mr. Badman because of his distaste for Amazon echo speakers, Nintendo switches, stuffed animals, and strange tasting licorice that all carry a price tag he isn’t willing to pay.

Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing both of these amazing gentleman next week, and I hope to see you too, at the Wireless LAN Pros Conference in Phoenix!

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