What’s Wrong With Your Wi-Fi? I want to hear about it..

Every network is a special little snowflake. And every admin is a magical, mystical and all knowing unicorn amiright?

 If that’s the case, what does that make the end-users?

I’ll tell you one thing end-users can be: unhappy.

 When what they want to work doesn’t work, that’s when they get downright angry. The transformation from happy end-users to Wi-Fi monsters is quick and vicious: the teeth come out, the growls get deeper, their chests puff out … it can get scary!

How do you keep Dr. Jekyll Wi-Fi users from going to Mr. Hyde?

Well that’s the question. But read it again with some emphasis on YOU.

How do YOU keep Dr. Jekyll from turning into Mr. Hyde?

 We all have our problems with our networks and we all have our toolsets and practices for finding the best solutions.

I want to hear about it.

 I will be working on a new production for Cape Networks where we interview people to find out what their problems are, specific to industry, and what the solutions are.

 What makes YOU great at what you do? I want to understand that and share it!

 Starting at HPE Discover 2017 and Cisco Live 2017, I will have a studio in a box with me to hear your stories. I’m asking for 30 minutes of your time. I will have 4 questions for you, and through some banter, we’ll get it down to 4 answers, record it, edit it, and publish it!

 After we get the stories online, we’ll collectively solve the world’s wifi problems! By getting to learn how we all work in our own industries, hopefully we can find ways to help each other solve problems and be the best at what we can do!

Interested in sharing your story?

To prime the pump on the stories, you can sign-up to be interviewed. Let me know what show you’ll be attending next so we can grab your story!

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