A Technology Check for the Restaurant Industry

The demand for highly efficient, operationally effective, and data driven businesses in the Service industry is skyrocketing to an all-time high. What baby boomers considered a luxury, millennials made common place and Gen Z is making table steaks. From cashless payments to delivery, a new set of expectations is being ushered in across the globe.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Drew Lentz: Municipal Ransomware attacks in Texas – KURV 710AM

I had the opportunity to speak to our local talk radio audience on AM 710 KURV about the cyber attacks and ransomware threats that rural Texas municipalities have been facing this month (August, 2019). https://soundcloud.com/drew-lentz-964189490/kurv-interview-with-drew-lentz-municipal-ransomware-attacks-in-texas My take on it: Texas is not the only state in the union that has a ton of rural cities... Continue Reading →

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