Remembering an old friend.

Scott, thanks for the friendship and memories. The way that I was introduced to Scott Stevens has a lot to do with urban legend, pioneering Wi-Fi networks, and good old fashioned friendship. In or around 2004, three people were in charge of figuring out how to create a Wi-Fi network in one of the most... Continue Reading →

What I’d Like to See at MFD3

For the past 5 years or so I’ve paid pretty close attention to an event called Tech Field Day. What started with the Wireless Field Day group has now morphed into Mobility Field Day. I have had the great opportunity to be on both sides of the table at these events, as a delegate to... Continue Reading →

HPE Discover 2018 as Seen From the Edge

As a wireless networking professional all of this talk about the edge relates directly to what my day-to-day business is. More than just a theme for HPE Discover 2018, the edge is where everyone is trying to bulk up their presence. Whether it’s computing, memory, processing power, or data collection, the edge continues to be... Continue Reading →

Time to get ready for Cisco Live 2018

*including some spoilers* Last year was the first opportunity that I had to go visit the Cisco Live! conference in Las Vegas. If you read my previous write-up, you would know that I had an amazing time. If you haven’t registered for this year, there’s still time!Register Here! One of the things that I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

My Experience at HPE CodeWars 2018

Over 750 high-school level programming enthusiasts spent their Saturday at the HPE campus in Houston, Texas competing with teams from across the US and World for trophies, freebies, and a chance to show off their skills. Anytime someone asks you what you did this weekend it usually doesn’t begin with “I spent my weekend with... Continue Reading →

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